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Galaxy S9 Launching Event
Attract global awareness on women struggle in Mosul, and increase symbolic engagement with them on social media platformsGenerate ideas and content and turn them into actionable projects if possibleLet the women in Mosul know that they are not alone in this ordealUNFPA WANTED TO ENCOURAGE THE WORLD TO MORALLY SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGE MOSUL WOMEN IN ANY MEANS POSSIBLEThe Solution : USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO RAISE AWARNESS OF THE, WOMEN CRISES IN MOSUL INVITE WESTERN SOCIETY TO SHARE THOUGHTS , AND IDEAS ON OUR PLATFORM WHICH WILL ENCOURAGE MOSUL PEOPLE, AND SPARK ACTUAL SUPPORT ON GROUND . GIVING A THOUGH WOULD HELP A LOT, AND WOULD NOT COST THE DONOR ANYTHING Campaign results:40,000 likes6,000 shares1,000 engagements 50 thoughts donated